World Class Faculty

The HKUST EMBA program has a team of professors from top business schools around the world
The international team of professors has rich teaching and practical experience. They work with renowned companies to track the latest market trends and teach the most forward-looking knowledge and experience in global business.
Prof. Yan Xu
Telecommunications Policy & Technology and Innovation Management
Prof. Tai-Yuan Chen
Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting
Prof. Caroline Wang
Decision and Leadership
Prof. Kai Lung Hui
Technology and Knowledge Management
Prof. Frank Piller
Prof. Frank Piller
Leading Industry 4.0
Prof. Milind Rao
Global Macroeconomics, International Capital Markets
Prof. Keith Goodall
Management of Organizations, Strategic Talent Management, Leading Culture Change, Analyzing Organizational Change
Prof. Xinyu Hua
Economical Decision Analysis, Competition Strategy
Prof. Wenbo Wang
Digital Marketing
Prof. Jiewen Hong
Marketing Strategy
Prof. Allen Huang
Decision Making
Dr. Tom Tao
Strategic Management
Prof. Bilian Ni Sullivan
Strategic Management, Decision Making
Prof. Alminas Zaldokas
Prof. Alminas Zaldokas
Corporate Finance
Prof. Yingying Li
Statistical Decision Analysis

EMBA Alumni Testimonial

The students of the HKUST EMBA program come from diverse backgrounds, and different industries and regions. Being leaders and experts in their own fields, they are all looking for new breakthroughs by choosing HKUST EMBA.

HUANG Liwei Shanghai

Prosnav Capital│Chairman

CAO Zhiwei Guangzhou


LI Yunfei Shenzhen

BYD│General Manager, Automotive Branding & PR Division

LIU Binxing Hong Kong

Alibaba Cloud│General Manager of HKTP Region

XUAN Wubing Hebei

Hebei Lixin Investment Co., Ltd│Chairman

SHA Jianyuan Hong Kong

GF Investments(Hong Kong) Company Limited│Managing Director

HE Qiqiang Guangdong

GuangDong Chant Group│Chairman

SUN Wei Beijing

HENN China│Partner China

WANG Kunxiao Shandong

Jereh Group│President

Li Hao Shenzhen


Huang Haibo Hong Kong

Phoenix Satellite Television Co., Ltd.│Deputy Head of The Chinese Channel

Xu Jianzhen Shenzhen

Deloitte China Corporate Growth Academy│Dean

Le Luping Shenzhen

Shenzhen Mileyun Information Technology Co., Ltd.│COO

Shi Qi Shanghai

Cisco Systems (China)│Vice President, Greater China

SHEU Jingwen Shenzhen

Isobar China Group│COO

LEE Shuk Wai Hong Kong

The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention│Deputy Chief Executive

Roadmap to Learn

Core concepting

NINE core modules allow students to learn real-world business issues in a multi-disciplinary approach, enabling them to explore the diversity of management experiences and stimulate thinking with multiple perspectives.

Global Discovering

The global study tour takes students to Asia, America, and Europe. Through in-class lectures, company visits, cultural tours, and dialogues with political and business leaders, the program teaches the students management concepts and practical experiences from different countries and regions. It expands the horizons and enriches the insights of the new generation of business leaders, and helps them establish a global mindset and embrace innovative ideas from multiple perspectives.


3C Concept – Creativity Management, Cross-cultural Management and Capital Management. The program leverages local insights of Hong Kong - the free market policies, the rule of law, the free flow of information and cultural diversity to enrich students with business insights in a global context and to develop alternative visions for the future.

Leading & Exceeding

The program offers 360 degree objective analysis of personal leadership style and ability. From action learning, business simulation to leadership reflection, the course encourages the students to learn about themselves, escape the blind spots, maximize potential and enhance personal leadership.



Class Location

HKUST is well known as one of the beautiful campuses in the world. The comprehensive teaching and learning facilities offer students with a picturesque campus and a profound academic atmosphere.

Class Mode

The program lasts for 16 months; students will attend one module per month in 4 consecutive days (normally from Thursday to Sunday). Teaching materials are provided in both Chinese and English. Classes are conducted in Putonghua, or in English with Putonghua interpretation.


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